“Ms. Nikki Johnson-Huston recently shared with HEP [Homeless Empowerment Program] supporters her deeply personal story of struggle, failure, realization, and hard-earned success. As the founder of an organization that provides secure housing and supportive services for children and families, I know programs like HEP can work. Nikki is a testament to that fact. With help from the community and her loving grandmother, she overcame all odds in her personal life, sought an advanced education, and has become a successful tax attorney. More importantly, Ms. Johnson-Huston has not forgotten where she came from. She continues to give back to society, through creating cell phone applications that help people in need as well as advocating that donating to organizations like HEP is a public investment. Ms. Johnson-Huston has accomplish a great deal in her short life; with her passion and stamina, I expect she will achieve much more.”

Barb Green, HEP Founder

Nikki was our lunchtime speaker at the American Bar Association, Center on Children and the Law, 16th National Conference on Children and the Law: Advancing Access to Justice for Children and Families. Nikki’s story, perseverance and encouraging attitude inspired over 200 child welfare attorneys to leap to their feet clapping and cheering for her. She is a pleasure to work with and is someone who is truly committed to changing the system for the better. Nikki is understandably proud of her many accomplishments but expresses humility and appropriately thanks those who helped her along the way, including her maternal grandmother. We need more success stories like Nikki to remind us of why we work in this field. Thank you Nikki.

Heidi Redlich Epstein - Director of Kinship Policy, Conference co-chair