New Zealand Women in the Law

I had the opportunity to visit with the Women Lawyer’s Group of the New Zealand Law Society Wellington Divison. I was surprised to see how similar the women lawyers in New Zealand concerns were to my own as a female attorney in Philadelphia. There was talk of balancing work with the responsibilities of caring for a family, the challenges within the legal profession due to economic changes that are happening around the world and most importantly the glass ceiling which sees women graduating law school at the same rate as men but within a few years we are only 19% of the partners in law firms. I discussed my own personal journey, my role in the Philadelphia legal community including my 2 years as Co-Chair of the Women in the Profession Committee and an elected seat on the Philadelphia Bar Association Board of Governors. It was so fun getting a chance to meet these women and share our common experiences. I also got an opportunity to meet a young women Elizabeth Chang who was a brillant young supreme court court who gave me a personal tour of the Supreme Court. What impressed me most about her was her sense of optimism about the future and that she didn’t seem to feel that there were any restrictions on what she could accomplish in the legal community due to her race or gender. I think that is what we are all striving for is an equal opportunity.