Kolkata was a crowded and rainy city but definitely felt like the cultural and literary center of India. The infrastructure was clearly lacking in being able to support the almost 20 million people who live there but the warmth of the people and their welcoming spirit make the inconveniences seem small in comparsion. I found the people providing social services … Read More


My three days in Pune was all about the kids. I visited a home for orphaned and abandoned children. They welcomed me with open arms and several traditional dances along with the modern dances from bollywood films that they had seen. They even showed me a few dance moves but I think I’m going to stick to my day job. … Read More

The Slums of India

People tried to warn me that the poverty that I would see in India would be unimagineable and they were right. I grew up in extreme poverty and even spent several months on the streets as a nine year old with my mother and younger brother. I have lived through some very difficult things so I felt more than prepared … Read More


I spent 7 days in Delhi and what a wonderful introduction to India it was. As I start the next part of my journey in Mumbai, I wanted to reflect on the first week of my Eisenhower Fellowship. From my very first meeting with the team from Aga Khan touring the urban renewal project at Nizamuddin Basti and seeing the … Read More

Women in India

I have spent the last couple of days meeting organizations that work significantly with women and their issues here in India. I met Piali, Urvashi, and M. Bindu from Breakthrough a transnational human rights organization that deploys popular culture, leadership development and community mobilization strategies to promote values of equality, dignity and justice. Their main focus is on women’s rights … Read More

My First Day in India

I woke up surprisingly refreshed after my 14 hour flight, to a beautiful, hot and sunny day in Delhi. I had to pinch myself because I couldn’t believe I was really in India. I had an American breakfast of pancakes, bacon and eggs and watched reruns of Dexter until my noon meeting. An unusually relaxing morning. I had a meeting … Read More

My Journey to India

I am only a couple of days away from getting on a plane and flying 14 1/2 hours non-stop to Delhi. I am excited, scared, and a little apprehensive that I may say the wrong thing and start an international incident. Anyone who knows me s ays it’s a definite possibility. But seriously, I’m not sure how a formerly homeless … Read More

One week from today I’m leaving for India

The excitement is building as I’m now down to only one week before I leave for my fellowship to India and New Zealand! Check out my pictures from my going away party tonight hosted by my good friend Deb Leavy and her husband Don. I can’t thank her enough for her efforts to bring together so many of my closest … Read More