Conference of Leaders – Washington DC

In the summer of 2013 Nikki traveled to Washington DC to share with members of Congress the important role SNAP benefits played in her childhood. With the aid of these benefits, her disabled grandmother raised her to be self sufficient and give back to her community.

Keynote Speech at The 2014 Beyond Housing Conference

Nikki gave a stirring address to the 2014 Beyond Housing Conference in New York City on January 17, 2014. The work that the attendees are doing is critically important to address the needs of the homeless and underprivileged communities throughout the nation. Watch the entirety of her keynote address is located here:

My Fellowship Experience

I am at the end of my Fellowship experience and in fact have been back home for about two weeks. What I have come to realize is what a life changing opportunity I had and how it makes me want to do bigger and more important things in the world. I started the fellowship in the hope that it would … Read More

New Zealand Women in the Law

I had the opportunity to visit with the Women Lawyer’s Group of the New Zealand Law Society Wellington Divison. I was surprised to see how similar the women lawyers in New Zealand concerns were to my own as a female attorney in Philadelphia. There was talk of balancing work with the responsibilities of caring for a family, the challenges within … Read More

New Zealand and Poverty

I came to New Zealand to look at the issues of poverty and services provided by the social safety net. What I found was a very generous society that provided many services to those living in poverty but a shift in the government policy related to the types of services that would be given due to financial considerations. I spent … Read More

New Zealand

I have had an exciting couple of days in Wellington. I got an opportunity to spend time with teenage mothers and with grade school children who were part of a program for gifted children. I spent the morning at the Huraki Tamriki School which provided quality education to teenage mothers and also offered an impressive onsite daycare for their children … Read More

My Final Thoughts on My Time in India

I can’t believe that my 3 1/2 weeks in India has come to an end. I have learned more than I could have ever imagined when I first arrived. India turned out to be so much more than I imagined. A growing country that is both tradional and modern at the same time. An ancient culture that is dynamic but … Read More

New Zealand

I arrived in Wellington New Zealand after a grueling 34 hours of travel but I can honestly say that it was worth it see such a beautiful place. It is quite a contrast to my last few weeks in India while the fast pace and crowds of people. I am fortunate enough to have as my guide and host Greg … Read More


On my last day in India I went to see the Taj Majal. One of the great wonders of the world and it was unbelievable. I never thought I would have the opportunity to see the Taj Mahal and I can say that it did not disappoint. Having the chance to visit this monument to love was even more special … Read More


I spent three days in Hyderabad and came to specifically visit The Society for the Elimination of Rural Poverty programs. They provide micro financing loans through small self help groups of women in rural villages. These groups allow women who many times may not have jobs outside of the family to access credit and to learn about money. The group … Read More